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Love's Golden Quest

An Inspirational Christian Romance

Can the perilous unknowns of the Wild West and an arranged marriage heal a grieving young woman and a man determined to find a world to claim as his own?

ROSE HILL never thought she would marry someone she didn’t love, but after the death of her parents, she believes she has no other choice. And if she follows the advice of her pastor and mentors, it will have to be soon.

During the height of the gold rush, LUKE TOWNSEND dreams of starting a ranch out west. When his fiancee learns of his plan she leaves him for a doctor back east. Brokenhearted, he's determined to make a new start.
Love's Healing Power

Book two in the Western Hearts series

When journeys end comes sooner than expected, Marybeth Weaver is separated from the man she loves. After months on the trail she must adjust to a new town and a classroom full of children who’d rather play pranks than take her serious.
Something’s missing in Dr. Wesley Taylor’s life. He soon learns that what he’s looking for can’t be found in the untamed west. On his way back to Boston he makes a stop in Cedarville where many of his friends have settled. The short visit is extended when tragedy strikes.
Can Marybeth convince him to stay where he’s needed? Wesley struggles to overcome his painful past but the price may be greater than either anticipated.

The Doctor's Daughter

On the trail of outlaws an undercover agent discovers a tenacious woman with a secret that puts her at odds with a small town as well as the government. 

Emma's Second Chance 
An 1880's Boston school teacher learns her intended's heart belongs to another—the night before the wedding. Fleeing to her cousins’ farm in Idaho Territory, Emma Ward meets a suspicious lawman determined to find out what she's hiding, unaware that her jilted fiancĂ© is hot on her trail.

Marshall Sam Hayes has an obsessive concern for law and order. The town’s matchmaker tries to pair him up with the mysterious woman from Boston, but Sam resists. He believes it’s a responsible lawman's duty to stay single.

When an angry stranger arrives in town everything changes. 

The River of Gold
A historical romance from a Christian point of view. The River of Gold is set in Colorado during the 1890's. When a prospector's spirited daughter sets out to finish her father's work she encounters a rugged cowboy and a southern gentleman. Both vie for her heart, but which one will she choose?