Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Promise for Miriam by Vannetta Chapman

I enjoy reading stories about the Amish and though familiar with Vannetta Chapman's work, A Promise for Miriam is the first of her books I've had the pleasure of reading. I'm hooked. The characters and backdrop for the story are skillfully written and draw the reader into the story. I found the book both enchanting and hard to put down. The best part - it's the first of a series so I get to go back!

 Book Description:

A Promise for Miriam, the first book in a brand-new romantic series from popular author Vannetta Chapman, introduces the Amish community of Pebble Creek and some of the kind, caring people there. As they face challenges to their community from the English world, they come together to reach out to their non-Amish neighbors while still preserving their cherished Plain ways.

Amish schoolteacher Miriam King loves her students. At 26, most women her age are married with children of their own, but she hasn't yet met anyone who can convince her to give up the Plain school that sits along the banks of Pebble Creek. Then newcomer Gabriel Miller steps into her life, bringing his daughter, an air of mystery, and challenges Miriam has never faced before.

Will Gabe be able to let go of the past that haunts him? He thinks he just wants to be left alone, but the loving and warm community he and his daughter have moved to has other plans for him. After a near tragedy is averted, he hesitantly returns offers of help and friendship, and he discovers he can make a difference to the people of Pebble Creek--and maybe find love again.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Groom Wanted by Debra Ullrick

Love Inspired Historical author Debra Ullrick has once again created a delightful tale of romance in the old west. I love books that take us back to an era when family and faith were foremost. Leah and Jake are best friends searching for love through the mail. They grow closer, feelings change and we meet some very interesting characters in this sweet mail-order bride story.

As in any well-written romance there  are obstacles to overcome and Leah and Jake both have past experiences that need to be resolved before they can truly be happy. The book had me rooting for them to find their way and cheering by the time I reached the happy ending.

From the back cover:

It's a perfect plan—best friends Leah Bowen and Jake Lure will each advertise for mail-order spouses in the papers, and then Jake will help select Leah's future husband, while Leah picks Jake's bride-to-be! Surely the ads will find them what they seek: a wife who'll appreciate Jake's shy charm and a groom who'll take Leah away from the Idaho Territory she detests. When the responses to the postings pour in, it seems all Leah's and Jake's dreams will soon come true. But the closer they each get to the altar, the less appealing marrying a stranger becomes. Is it too late to turn back—or to turn around and find the happiness they truly seek together, at last?