Monday, May 28, 2012

Arms of Love by Kelly Long

"Arms of Love" by best-selling author Kelly Long is not your typical Amish novel. Set in Lancaster Pennsylvania during the American Revolution of 1771 Ms. Long gives us real life problems that people dealt with at the time. The gripping writing lets the reader feel the character’s pain as they keep promises that go against their hearts true desire. Their faith strengthens as they deal with the turmoil of war and faith.

As a fan of historical fiction and Amish stories I highly recommend this book.

Book Description

The year is 1777. America is in turmoil. And Amish life is far different than today.
Pennsylvania in the late 18th century, once called William Penn’s Woods, was an assortment of different faiths living together for the first time in American history. Included in this tapestry was a small and struggling population called Amish.
Surrounding this peaceful people were unavoidable threats: both Patriots and the British were pillaging land and goods for the sake of the war, young Amishmen were leaving the faith to take up arms and defend freedom. A simple walk in the untamed forests could result in death, if not from bullet or arrow, then from an encounter with a wild animal.
Amid this time of tumult, Adam Wyse is fighting a personal battle. To possibly join the war efforts and leave his faith, which would mean walking away from the only woman he’s ever loved: Lena Yoder. But for that love he’s made a promise that may keep them apart permanently.