Saturday, March 24, 2012

Brush of Angel's Wings

Brush of Angel's Wings by Ruth Reid is a unique Amish novel. Rachel, trying to fill in after the loss of the family's only son is not your typical Amish girl. When Jordan, who's mother was Amish visits the community sparks fly. Rachel and Jordan both need help in the romance department and they get it with the help of a guardian angel, Nathaniel.

I enjoyed the story a great deal. It made me laugh, cry and rejoice. Well written an entertaining.

Book Description

Rachel and Jordan's feelings for each other are hostile at first, but angelic intervention helps the two discover peace . . . and perhaps love.

The youngest and last unmarried of four sisters, Rachel Hartlzer spends most of her time helping with barn chores. Her role abruptly changes when her father hires Jordan Engles, the son he always wanted.

As Jordan takes on brotherly roles around the house, like escorting Rachel to the youth singing, the enmity between the two grows. Besides, Jordan has one foot in the Englisch world and is determined not to get involved with an Amish girl.

Neither realizes that God has sent an angel, Nathaniel, to help mend their hearts. The angel’s intervention helps them find peace and healing in accepting God's will for their lives.

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Wedding Dress

The story captures the readers attention from the start with a mysterious trunk and doesn't let go. Inside the trunk is a wedding dress with a history that spans a century. The dress finds its way to four different brides each in need of wisdom. The women's lives are weaved together in to an intriguing way. This blend of historical fiction, modern fiction and suspense made it hard to put the book down. From start to end this well-written tale is very compelling leaving the characters planted in the readers mind.

Book Description

Four brides. One dress.

A tale of faith, redemption, and timeless love.

Charlotte owns a chic Birmingham bridal boutique. Dressing brides for their big day is her gift—and her passion. But with her own wedding day approaching, why can’t she find the perfect dress—or feel certain she should marry Tim?

Then Charlotte purchases a vintage dress in a battered trunk at an estate sale. It looks brand-new, shimmering with pearls and satin, hand-stitched and timeless in its design. But where did it come from? Who wore it? Who welded the lock shut and tucked the dog tags in that little sachet? Who left it in the basement for a ten-year-old girl? And what about the mysterious man in the purple vest who insists the dress had been “redeemed”?

Charlotte’s search for the gown’s history—and its new bride—begins as a distraction from her sputtering love life. But it takes on a life of its own as she comes to know the women who have worn the dress. Emily from 1912. Mary Grace from 1939. Hillary from 1968. Each with her own story of promise, pain, and destiny. And each with something unique to share. For woven within the threads of the beautiful hundred-year-old gown is the truth about Charlotte’s heritage, the power of courage and faith, and the beauty of finding true love.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Meet S. Dionne Moore and win a free book!

Today we’re going to sit down and chat with inspirational writer, S. Dionne Moore. Sandra is the author of Promise Brides. This three in one collection includes 2011 Carol Award Finalist Promise of Tomorrow. Each story takes place in historical Pennsylvania
Sandra is an award winning author having finaled in the ACFW Genesis in 2008, and is a Carol Award Finalist for both 2010 and 2011. In 2011 she was voted a Heartsong Presents Favorite New Author.
On her webpage you’ll find she has not only Promise Brides, but a new series of historical romances set in the state of Wyoming. Her cozy mysteries are also releasing as ebooks beginning with Murder on the Ol’ Bunions, March 24, 2012.

Sandra, what is it that draws you write historicals? My father. I lost him when I was only 23 and it hurt so very much. My husband and I were in the middle of moving to Pennsylvania, an area rich with Civil War history, and I was looking forward to feeding my father’s insatiable passion for all things Civil War. He was an avid reader of history and had a great mind for facts. I inherited his passion and enjoy ferreting out little known historical facts that I can then fashion into a romance.
The Johnstown Flood was my first foray into writing historical romances. I found the subject of the flood tragic and had never read a work of fiction using that tragedy as the setting. After that book was complete, I knew I wanted to continue to highlight historical events within the state of PA. The Civil War seemed a natural and solid starting point. I stumbled upon the true story of a Confederate captain riding through the town of Greencastle upon retreat from Gettysburg with a wagon full of slaves he intended to return to the south. The citizens of the small town were outraged and released the slaves. The Captain threatened to burn the town to the ground unless he was reimbursed for his loss of “property.” This became the backstory for Marylu, heroine of Promise of Yesterday. Last of all, Gettysburg. Who can write about the history of PA and not include a story that takes place in Gettysburg? Promise of Time begins just as Abraham Lincoln is giving the Gettysburg Address. It follows the story of Theodore Lester as he arrives in the north to tell his cousin’s widow the hard truth behind her husband’s death.

Have you always known you wanted to be a writer? Not always. I wrote when I was a teen but not seriously. When my daughter was born prematurely, I turned to writing as a way to release my emotions: disappointment, fear, you name it. That first piece, a poem of sorts, can be found as the introduction for Living Miracles: Stories of Hope from Parent’s of Premature Babies. Things took off from there and I became more interested in studying writing and, specifically, the rules of writing fiction. I joined ACRW (now ACFW: American Christian Fiction Writers) to learn from already published authors who were willing to share all that they had gleaned in their publishing journey. I think I’m member number 64 or something like that. Now membership is well over 3K!

Can you tell us what you’re working on now?
Currently I’m working on A Heartbeat Away for Abingdon Press’s Quilts of Love series. This book is also historical romance, centered in Sharpsburg, MD, the town whose surrounding fields became the backdrop for the Battle of Antietam (or the Battle of Sharpsburg if your southern). I’m more than halfway through writing the story, which is a good thing since my deadline is May 1, 2012! The book releases in May of 2013 and is the story of a young woman’s heartbreak, a soldier’s disillusionment, and the secret message hidden in the pattern of a beautiful quilt.

Sandra has graciously offered to give away a copy of Promise Brides to one lucky reader.

Love is the same, no matter when, no matter where—it never comes without sacrifice. Theodore risks capture for Ellie, but will their hope for a future together be defeated? Can Marylu trust Chester, or is she asking for another broken heart? Will Alaina and Jack find common ground, or will flood waters destroy any possible future? Enjoy three romances from the historic state of Pennsylvania.

Just leave a comment to have your name put in the drawing. Thank you for taking time to share with us today, Sandra. You can learn more about Sandra and her books at Join her on Twitter: @sdionnemoore. Find her hanging out at The Borrowed Book where she is Senior Editor and posts on Tuesdays: