Sunday, February 20, 2011

Coming together

It's amazing how even the smallest crisis can bring feuding family members together. My nine year old twins were both having a bad day. Arguing and bickering; I think they wanted to see how long it takes to get mommy to the point where she pulls her hair out.

After a long day of school and work I put them in front of the TV to watch their favorite cartoon. Finally peace and quite....NOPE. A McDonald's commercial comes on with breaking news. It might as well have been breaking news because the girls were immediately thrown into a tizzy.

I should have mentioned that this took place on Thursday evening. The news from Ronald: Friday they would be starting with a series of Barbie toys in their kids meals. That may not sound like much but as every parent knows they have been having My Little Pony's in the kids meals for some time.

This is a My Little Pony house. Barbie is welcome here but she sleeps in the toy box, the ponies get the camper. The girls collection of 44 plus has taken over. It may be hard to believe but we do not eat at McD's very often. I have been telling them for weeks that we would make a special trip while they offered My Little Pony.

It was now or never. So we climbed into the van to make it a burger night. All the fighting from earlier was now replaced with excitement and joyful plans for how to introduce the new ponies into the family.

Just one little piece of information and the day goes from dark to light.